Nathan Suher


I've known Eileen for nearly 5 years in many positions on multiple projects I've produced.  Her efforts as our lead editor on my first feature film, "Higher Methods" have far exceeded my expectations.  Eileen has displayed her impressive talents on a project that was faced with many challenging obstacles, and did so with the utmost professionalism, patience, and meticulous attention to details.  Eileen is a highly skilled editor with a highly developed background in storytelling which was extremely valuable as we tackled both technical and plot driven obstacles.  I will continue to work with Eileen on future productions and I highly recommend her for your editing needs as well.


Mel DuPont

Freelance Script Supervisor

Hire Eileen. Right now!

So far, I’ve worked with Eileen on two short films, and I hope we get to work together again soon! I saw Eileen turn around a rough cut of the entire short before the crew even finished cleaning up the location! She’s a quick editor! And she does the job right.

Eileen’s can-do attitude inspires teammates to trust not only her, but themselves. She’s a gem: a talented visual storyteller with a great sense of timing. Have you seen her editing and coloring reels? Pro. Plus she’s communicative and concise, and everything she creates is full of heart.

Eileen is going places. Go with her. Get her on your team now, before someone hires her out from under you!


Audrey Noone


I am so honored and happy to have had Eileen on my team, editing, coloring and doing sound design for my short film. She shows tremendous initiative, team work, competence and creativity, while using Adobe Premiere for editing and DaVinci Resolve for coloring. She came to the set and started editing shots as soon as they were recorded, so we could have the best continuity. While on set, she also took initiative to pitch in and help wherever she could. She implemented all the changes that I wanted in post (e.g. wipe transition, changing the colors of certain shots, adding pixelation for a prop for comic effect) and without being asked, she sent me side by side comparisons of different versions, so I could easily decide what to go with. I am chomping at the bit to have Eileen on my team again and again and again, because she is a very talented, reliable and valuable contributor.


Mike Messier


Eileen Slavin is an Artist. I write Artist with a capital “A” to emphasis her contributions and spirit as an editor, collaborator, and friend.

Eileen is determined, highly reliable, honest and has great professionalism and integrity. Perhaps most importantly, she has skills. In editing the Distance from Avalon Teaser, Eileen had the daunting task of reducing hours upon hours of footage into a cohesive, enjoyable, intriguing and yes! – Artistic – short teaser.

Eileen even requested the process of ADR when she felt our original audio recorded on location was not quite up to par. ADR in this case means post-production audio voice-overs in sync with the Actor’s moving lips from the original footage. For this task, Eileen organized and set up the equipment successfully and worked very well with myself and our Actors to get great performances and volume.

Eileen’s integrity in holding the teaser to this highest standard is evident in the finished piece, which I quickly entered on our behalf into The Online Film Festival. Within 72 hours, our teaser that Eileen edited was accepted into the festival, which will feature the teaser starting August 1.

For those interested, please have Eileen send you a link to the Distance from Avalon teaser.

I have since encouraged and asked Eileen to have a major editing position in a documentary project.

Highest regards and recommendations for Eileen Slavin!

Dawn DeAngelis

Chief Content Officer NHPTV

Eileen Slavin is a skilled editor, production assistant and coach. As a freelancer, Eileen edited a half hour episode of NHPTV’s local outdoor show Windows to the Wild using the Avid Media Composer 6 software. She worked quickly, efficiently and creatively. She also edited promos and program interstitials including a series of spots featuring winners of the the NHPTV PBS Kids Write Contest. NHPTV hosts many interns over the course of the school year and summer (including Eileen). When she returned as a freelance editor, Eileen not only trained several students to use the AVID software, she went one step further by documenting a series of instructions for new users of the system.

Marilyn De Angelis Pennell


Eileen is working with my production company, Phoenix Media Productions LLC, as Assistant Editor on a documentary I am making called “The Way Home: Journey of Family and Faith” using the Adobe Premiere Pro editing system.

Eileen is an excellent editor with the ability to troubleshoot technical issues and provide very helpful insights and solutions. She is very skilled technically and thinks on her feet. I am very impressed with both her editing and interpersonal skills and highly recommend her as an Editor and member of a production team.

Phil Vaughn

Producer at NHPTV

Eileen Slavin began working at NH Public Television as a student intern and then was hired as a part-time employee in the production department. She managed projects throughout the post production stage for both on-air broadcast and online streaming.

Eileen is a highly-skilled Avid editor who works well independently and team members. I highly recommend Eileen for her editing abilities, attention to detail and organizational skills.


Paul Lally

Executive Producer

Eileen has what it takes to make a great media professional; creative, diligent, precise, tireless, and as serious about your project as you are, sometimes even more so! Her recent work as video editor on one of my projects boosted its quality to new highs, especially because of her skill with After Effects editing.